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Curious Line follower robot - Marathon

Curious Line following robot is high quality, beautiful, easy to use and autonomous robot which detects and follows the black line drawn on the floor/Paper.

This robot is very simple and interesting to learn about robotics and it doesn't require the micro-controller. LFR (Line following robot) workshop kit is very popular and basic robotic kit for personal, project and workshop purpose.


1 Base Acrylic Platform, 1 Top Acrylic Platform

2 B.O. Motors (Pre-soldered)

2 Curious IR Sensor

Switch and Power lead and 2 AA Battery holder

2 Wheels, 2 Clamps, 1 Caster

Screw, Nut-bolts set

Spacer, Stud set


Base Acrylic Platform = 15.0 X 9.5cm

Top Acrylic Platform  = 9.5 X 8.0cm

Wheels diameter = 6.5 cm

Wheel Width = 2.5 cm


B.O. Motors = Pre-soldered, Straight BO 

B.O. Motors speed = 150 RPM

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