Double layer robotic chassis

Double layer robotic chassis is a high quality workshop kit made from LASER cut super smooth glossy acrylic material with all other high quality components. This robotic platform with attractive design have double layer to provide enough space to carry a lot of stuff on it.

This robotic chassis is best suitable for basic and advanced robotics, Arduino projects, line following robots, obstacle avoiding and other robotic projects. 

Kit contents

> 1 Base Acrylic Platform (15.5 X 10.0cm)

> 1 Top Acrylic Platform (10.0 X 10.0cm)

> 2 B.O. Motors (L - Shape, 150 RPM)

> 2 Wheels (7.5cm Dia)

> 2 Clamps

> 1 Caster

> Screw, Nut-bolts set

> Spacer, Stud set


Base Acrylic Platform = 15.5 X 10.0cm

Top Acrylic Platform  = 10.0 X 10.0cm

Wheels diameter = 7.5cm Dia


B.O. Motors = L - Shape

B.O. Motors speed = 150 RPM

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