8 MDF Pick and place robot with remote

MDF Remote controlled Pick-Place robot

This kit can be used to make a remote controlled pick and place robot at lowest price. LASER cute wooden fiberboard MDF is the base material for making of pick and place robot and remote set.

It is a hassle free kit with all required pre-soldered components. The robot can move forward, backward, left, right and can hold, pick, , place and release an object.

Low cost

HassleFree Kit



Box packed

Tech support

KIT CONTENTS (Robot set)

2 BO Motor (L-Shape, 150 RPM)

1 Caster

2 Wheel (Dia = 7.5cm)

2 BO Motor (I-Shape, 20 RPM)

Nut-bolt and screw pack

MDF parts (Main chassis, top chassis, gripper and lift mechanism)

KIT CONTENT (Remote set)

LASER cut MDF parts (for remote body)

4 DPDT slide switch (Pre-soldered on PCBs)

9v Battery and connector (pre-soldered)

1.5 mtr. 8-core rainbow wire (Pre-soldered)

Nut-bolt, Screw, Stud pack

2 Robot connection PCB (Pre-soldered)

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