Remote controlled pick & place robot

Workshop designing kit

‘Pick and place Robot’ is the most popular designing kit for school/college workshops. Students love to learn the basic and advanced fundamentals of robotics with this most attractive and beautiful robot.


This designing kit can be used to make the Pick & place type robot that can move forward, reverse, right turn, left turn, spin and can perform gripper open, gripper close, gripper up, gripper down operations.


Left turn and spin

Gripper open

Gripper up


Right turn and spin

Gripper close

Gripper down

The perfect, complete and hassle-free kit

The kit is specially designed for workshop purpose so the kit have everything you need for the designing session. Motors have pre-soldered relimate pins, Switches are PCB mounted and pre-soldered, 2 PCBs for 4 motors are provided with connectors so that motors can be easily connected with remote system. All the parts and components are packed in a white laminated box. We also provide the assembly manual and video with all instructions.

The Best workshop kit Ever

Pick & Place robot is one of our all time bestselling and most popular workshop kit. Its attractive design and superb red-black color combination makes it beautiful and Its 'easy to build' assembly makes a perfect combination with introduction to Robotics.

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