Servo robotic arm uses 4 servo motors and fully compatible with Arduino/IoT boards. Its very easy to build and control this robotic arm. Servo robotic arm can be controlled by potentiometer or joystick or smartphone or gesture control or any other method with Arduino.


  • Material: LASER cut acrylic

  • Assembly: Build it yourself

  • Motors: 3 Servo + 1 micro servo

  • Arduino compatibility: Yes

  • Control: Potentiometer, Joystick, Bluetooth, Smartphone, Gesture etc.

  • Documents provided: Simple step by step assembly manual

  • Connection diagram and Arduino code: Yes

  • Color options: Yes, Dark Black and Red-Black

  • Dimension: Please refer the image for dimension of Smart robotic arm


  • STEP 1: BUILD – Assemble Servo robotic Arm. Its very easy to build the arm using assembly manual provided with the kit.

  • STEP 2: PROGRAM – Choose your control method and upload the code to arduino.

  • STEP 3: CONNECT – Connect 4 servo of arm with arduino, control components and power.

  • STEP 4: PLAY – Congratulation! Enjoy with your robotic arm.

Note: Our tutorial page provides basic connection diagram and code and you can also use your own circuit and code to control the arm in your own way.


There are 2 following options for Servo robotic arm without arduino kit and with arduino kit.

  • Servo Arm kit: If you have Arduino or other components and you need robotic arm then just go for Smart Arm kit, Smart arm kit includes Acrylic Arm parts, 3 metal gear servo, 1 Micro servo(metal gear), Nut-bolt & screw pack and complete Assembly manual etc.

  • Smart Arm + Arduino kit: This is a complete robotic arm kit with arduino, control components, power supply, code and everything you need to build and control the robotic arm. ‘Smart Arm + Arduino kit’ includes LASER cut Acrylic Arm parts, 3 metal gear Servo, 1 Micro servo (metal gear), Nut-bolt, screw pack, Assembly manual, Arduino UNO with Cable, Breadboard, 4 Potentiometer (2K) with knob, Bluetooth module, 50 Jumper wires, Power bank with Cable, Instruction manual, Code etc.


There are 2 color options for Servo robotic arm – 1.) Dark black 2.) Red-Black.

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